Share your experience

Partager_EN (#5)
By sharing your experience, you contribute to the development of the collective memory propelled by All-People. You leave a part of yourself for future generations.

We take great care of the experiences entrusted to us, securing them on our servers.

You can post in public, and your experiences will then appear visible in the 'Experiences' tab.

Your experience appears after it has been put online by our services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult the F.A.Q. or contact us directly.


What type of files can I send?

You can upload text files (.doc, .pdf, .txt), audio files (.mp3), images (.png, .jpeg) and/or video files (.mp4, .avi, .mov, .webm).

You cannot upload files larger than 150MB.

What type of experience can I submit?

All experiments are legal and do not require an age limit. If you'd like to get ideas for experiments, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or use the chatbot .

Is it possible to file privately?

This feature is not currently available, but will be implemented on the application.

Why can't I see the experiment I've just submitted?

The files are processed before they can be consulted on the site. Please come back within a few days. If your experience still does not appear after 5 days, please contact us directly.

How do I delete an experience?

If you have filled in the form with your first and last name and e-mail address, simply send us an e-mail with the same address to ask us to withdraw the experience.