Creating an Unalterable Collective Memory

Every life is a wonderful book worth reading

AllPeople is the library

This website

Your Space for Sharing and Curating

A Project in Full Evolution, Accessible Now: Our AllPeople app is currently being created, with the promise of a simple and enjoyable user experience. In the meantime, we warmly invite you to start sharing and saving your valuable experiences on our current platform. Your stories, shared today, are the gems that will enrich our community and pave the way for our future application.

Easy Sharing: A simple click on the "share" button, and you're ready to share your experiences, anecdotes and memories. Whether you want to evoke joyful moments, pass on life lessons, or preserve the stories of a loved one, our platform is designed to make sharing both easy and deeply meaningful.

The application

Release Scheduled for Early 2024

Why choose AllPeople?

  • Ease of use: Simple, intuitive interface, suitable for all ages.
  • Security and Privacy: Your memories are safe with us.
  • Flexible Sharing:Choose to share your stories with everyone or just a small circle.
  • Sustainable preservation: Your stories will be preserved for future generations.

What awaits you in 2024:

  • Launch of the AllPeople App:An exciting start to the year with the official release of the app.
  • New Features: Innovative tools for an enriched sharing experience.
  • Growing Community:Join a community of sharing, listening and connecting.

Get ready to Share Your Story:

Start gathering your memories now and get ready to share them with the world. AllPeople arrives to transform the way we preserve and celebrate our life experiences.

AllPeople: Where every memory counts.

Navigation in 3D

Explore the World of Memories

Coming soon to AllPeople, enjoy a unique experience with our new 3D navigation feature, inspired by exploration video games. Imagine a virtual world where, instead of searching for treasures, you'll discover experiences and stories shared by other users. This immersive approach lets you explore captivating digital landscapes and discover memories as if you were there. It's a fun, interactive way to connect with the stories of others, enriching your understanding of the world and the people around us. Get ready to explore, learn and marvel in a universe where every corner holds a story to discover.